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ASDG, LLC was organized in 2003 under the statutes of the State of Illinois, specializing in the practice of structural engineering.  The firm is dedicated to maintaining high standards in the field of structural engineering and endeavors to provide clients and the public with safe, economical structures.

ASDG, LLC abides by the following principles:

  • To conduct all phases of business in full compliance with the professional and ethical standards of the Engineering Profession.
  • To provide a high level of technical excellence in the field of structural engineering design and construction.
  • To provide the most practical and economical structural design suitable to the proposed use of the structure.
  • To maintain an affirmative attitude of creativity and cooperation with all associate consultants and contractors in order to achieve an optimum design.
  • To furnish service which will provide complete satisfaction to clients.
  • To maintain awareness of new innovations and techniques in order to achieve superior structural design and construction.

ASDG, LLC and its members are qualified to render a complete range of structural engineering services including analysis and design, preparation of plans and specifications, construction administration, and condition assessment reports.  The members of the firm have extensive experience in the design of commercial building structures of various types, including health care, education, industrial, student housing, government and municipal, retail, and office buildings.

ASDG, LLC and its members take particular pride in a unique approach to the challenges presented by existing buildings.  An enthusiastic pursuit of creative and practical solutions combined with a sensitivity to existing building architecture and diligent coordination with associate design team consultants contributes to a track record of successful renovation projects.

In our client relationships, we emphasize these principles:

  • Professional Relationships 
  • Diligent Coordination
  • Creative and Practical Designs
  • Accurate Drawings


Ram Model - Court House


Southeast Cancer Center


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Our team


Ron Behrens

Senior Project Manager

Lee Cooper

Principal/Project Manager

Nathan Kreke

Principal/Project Manager

Arthur Rupprecht

Senior BIM/CAD Designer/Principal

Karen Whaley

Senior BIM/CAD Designer